Zombieitis Assessment

Introduction Physical Emotional Mental Spiritual Result

Zombie-itis is real. It is an epidemic that has spread throughout the world. It lays dormant for years and then slowly releases its latent affects slowly taking over its victims. If someone close to you has zombie-itis you are most likely affected also. So please get as many people as possible to take this assessment. This disease affects all aspects of your life. It affects you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Unfortunately, there is no known vaccine or antibiotic that can kill the zombie-tis because unlike normal parasitical viruses and bacteria that feed off the physical nutrients or damaged tissue of your body zombie-itis feeds off the electrical current that passes from the brain through the nervous system to the individual cells of the body. For this reason, the brain, heart and gut are most at risk.

After 20 years of extensive research we have determined how to precisely assess where it may be most affecting you in the brain, heart or gut and how that in turn affects your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

The good news is Zombie-itis is reversible and in some instances completely curable. Because of the slow progression of the disease it can be stopped and reversed in as little as 16 minutes a day with four simple 4 minute exercises. You can eliminate zombie-itis and discover the real you.

Side effects may include; more energy, feelings of balance, being more grounded, greater focus, having a greater purpose in life, zest for life, enhanced self-esteem, closer relationships with friends and family, creating new friends, reduced stress, aging process will be slowed, strength through the muscular system, denser bone mass, spiritual enhancement, sharper memory, greater wealth, sense of joy, purpose in waking up every morning, more patience, weight loss, toned muscles, greater physical attraction, greater reasoning skills, confidence, greater congruency, original ideas.
Assessment : All questions should be answered objectively on what your pattern has been for the last seven days. This assessment can be taken every seven days.
WARNING Zombie-itis has a tendency to mask itself. For example, we got off the couch and walked to the refrigerator and got a little light headed. Zombie-itis will convince the brain that was the same exertion as a 30-minute workout at the gym. So beware, and answer objectively as much as possible it is for your benefit and no one else.

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